What Kind Of Tanning Bed Bulbs Do You Have?

People in most parts of the world are craving of having a dark skin tone. Now, this is possible, because they have invented the Tanning Bed, a machine that will give you that beautiful tanned look just like the others.

Tanning Bed Bulbs

As you own a tanning bed, you should know its specifications, uses, operations, and parts. Its parts include Tanning Bed Bulbs, Acrylics, Starter, Choke Ballast, Magnetic Ballast, and Electronic Ballast. And one of the most important elements that will not work without this part is the Tanning Bed Bulbs. You need to know how to replace these parts in case of emergency, especially when you have your tanning salon, and so that you will not pay for its maintenance. If you already know how to replace it, you also need to know the kind of tanning bulb that you will be replacing. For example, there are tanning bulbs that are commonly used the Bi-pin and High Output bulbs or the HO. There is also the rarest of all the Recessed Dual Connector (RDC). There is the Very High Output Bulbs or VHO that requires you to use a special electric device to operate this kind of bulb. Then there is the RUVA (Reflector lamp, UVA), much more ardent than any other bulb because all of its lights are only focused on the tanner. In addition, the Facial Tanning bed bulb. It has a blue cover plate that is used to cleanse harmful ultraviolet light to tan your facial tissues gently.

Tanning bed bulbs are now easy to find, you can order some from the internet, local stores, its manufacturers and the store where you have bought your tanning bed. With knowing your tanning bed, you will enjoy using it, completely. With its part, especially the tanning bed bulbs.

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