Surefire 6P LED Single Output LED Flashlight review.

This review is from: Surefire 6P LED Single Output LED Flashlight

I purchased this lumination above two years ago for constant carry on my individual at a function being a security officer.

I have not been disappointed in its performance and durability in all that time.

It is so bright that it genuinely is not a very good concept to shine it directly at someone you do not intend to disorient, as it is downright painful.

Surefire 6P LED Single Output LED Flashlight

The lumination itself is little adequate that it fits simply in the palm of the hand, using a somewhat fatter barrel than that on a Mini Maglite, but shorter than the Mini Mag.

The construction is stout aircraft aluminum, solid sufficient that it could perhaps be wielded being a club in a dire circumstance of self-defense.

The tail cap is definitely an integrated switch mechanism, using a rubber covered pushbutton for momentary on, requiring that the whole tailcup be rotated clockwise to positive stop to keep the light constantly on.

Light dispersion is extremely uniform, with no hot spots or ringing widespread in conventional flashlights.

Getting that this is an LED light that uses lithium batteries, this light has the unparalleled run time of around 3 hours prior to it falls from 80 lumens to 50, plus it operates more than a considerably wider temperature range than conventional incandescent/alkaline flashlights.

Surefire 6P LED Single Output LED Flashlight

Concerning the electric batteries, users truly need to know how the common CR123A batteries intended for cameras (labeled “photo” for the packaging) are not suggested for use in Surefire flashlights, including this 1; and they can harm the LED assembly.

Also, rechargeable 123A power packs can and DO damage the LED.

Believe me, I know about the rechargeable, as I did precisely that when I utilized them with mine with no getting educated myself beforehand, and they created the LED so dim that I knew as Surefire about it.

The quite nice customer assistance rep informed me of my error, but he pointed out how the lifetime warranty this light carry would cover this.

Naturally, I sent it back, and it came back again in 1 week with a new blazingly bright LED assembly, plus a brand-new set of electric batteries, thus evening out the price of shipping it back to them.

Great service from Surefire there.

The safest bet for electric batteries using the Surefire is to acquire Surefire manufacturer battery power, either on the internet (Amazon has several vendors that have them), or I happen to understand that Lowe’s sells them for a fair cost.

Are the CR123A power packs costly?

Naturally, but maintain in mind that CR123A lithium electric batteries last an extremely long time in this flashlight, and you would operate via several pairs of alkaline AA battery power inside a Mini Maglite in excess of the same length of time, probably giving a slight fee advantage towards the lithiums above the AAs, as well as this flashlight far and away outclasses the Mini Maglight in terms of brightness.

This flashlight is so effectively created and dependable that I can and do entrust my existence to it day-to-day. My only complaint is that the stock tail cap doesn’t have a click on a position, meaning that you possibly can only get the lumination to remain on by screwing it in all the way, requiring two-hand use.

Surefire sells a separate replacement tailcap that features a click to remain on that allows a single hand use far more to my liking, and you can buy it here: Sure-Fire Z59 Click-On Lock-Out Tailcap for C2 / C3 / D2 / D3 / G3 / M2 / M3 / M3T / M4 Flashlights.

Several folks will carry this light in their pocket, purse, or glovebox, but for those who intend to carry this inside most practical way feasible, Surefire also sells this outstanding glass reinforced polymer holster: Surefire V70 Speed Holster Black

I have had this for two years, and it can be still in ideal condition, a testament to its durability.

It also has a sliding belt retainer that prevents it from falling off the belt throughout bathroom breaks or when doffing your pants at the end on the function day.

I also can say that it really is so comfortable to carry this flashlight in this holster that I honestly forget I even have it riding on my belt until I need to have it, then it draws effortlessly on the holster.

I love this flashlight, and I highly advise it to about anybody, and I will surely continue to keep mine for backup and home use, but I have decided to move as much as the “Defender” version of this flashlight, which is identical to this, but using the click on pushbutton tailcap already on it, as well as a crenelated “Strike Bezel” that may be used to Truly discourage an attacker.

See this light here: lightspick

This new flashlight will most likely save an existence someday, and I am confident it really is up to the task.

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